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Show of the Year


I have been the creative producer and director of two incarnations of the Show of the Year  in 2013 and 2014, a concept I dreamt up with the brilliant Casey Bennetto (of Keating! The Musical fame).  The premise is simple: 12 writers and entertainers review the year that was, month-by-month, in song, stories and slam poetry.


Sophisticated, silver-tongued and sharply surprising, the Show of the Year has become an annual tradition to farewell the year in style; with a stellar line-up of talent holding a mirror to the highlights, lowlights, shocks and surprises of the year.


In 2013, guests included: Maxine Beneba Clarke, Tony Birch, Alan Brough, Catherine Deveny, Hannah Gadsby, Sammy J, Lally Katz, George Megalogenis, Tripod, Maude Davey, Chloe Hooper and Henry Wagons.


In 2014, guests included: Josh Earl, Hannah Kent, Helen Razer, Bernard Keane, Gillian Cosgriff, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Zahra Newman, Zoe Daniel, Die Roten Punkte, Lior, Omar Musa and Monica Weightman.


The Show has gone on to become an annual Wheeler Centre tradition.

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