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Saturn Returns


In 2012-13, I co-created and performed in an original comedy show, Saturn Returns, with my long-time collaborator Lachlan MacLeod. We toured to the Brisbane Cabaret Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and supported Tripod on tour.


We received some great reviews, like these:


“Abrahams and MacLeod have shiny suits, plenty of jokes and a talent

for writing snappy songs ✭✭✭✭” (Arts Hub)


Saturn Returns is a truthful wakeup call that will leave you in fits of laughter ✭✭✭✭” (Herald Sun)


“(O)ne of the strongest and funniest duos I have seen in a very long time on the performance circuit” (Theatre Press)


Saturn Returns is an inter-galactic comedy cabaret confessional about one of life’s most terrifying times: Turning Thirty.  Singer-songwriter Lachlan MacLeod and performer-producer Simon Abrahams perform 12 original songs in a carefully constructed 60-minute romp about coming of age, coming down and coming to terms with life when the planets don’t quite line up the way you’ve planned.

Premiere Season: 3-8 July 2012, The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne

Brisbane Cabaret Festival: 25 October, The Manhattan Club, Brisbane and 26, 28 October 2012, Stage Door, Brisbane

Tripod Support: 26, 27 October 2012, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane

Melbourne International Comedy Festival: 27 March to 6 April, The Butterfly Club, Melbourne CBD

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